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Good Morning, World...

There's this guy.   I see him often.

Like clockwork, at around 10.30am most days, he'll walk past, empty the remnants of his beer can down his throat and chuck it in a wheelie bin.

Same routine. Same wheelie bin.

Today, he walks past...opening a fresh 7.36am.

Meanwhile, minutes earlier, a prostitute pigeoned round the bus stop looking for cigarette stubs.

A car beeps her.

Minutes before that, a woman who's lost her mind doesn't get on the bus like she usually does. Or the one after.

She disappears behind a tree. Down a rabbit hole.

The Last Airbender...

I don't go pictures that much. I think the last film I watched.... shoot, I can't remember. It's bugging me now.

Must remember. Must remember. Or else I won't sleep. FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

Anyway, there's this new fantasy film adaptation coming out called The Last Airbender (a child, Aang, who has the power to control the four elements).

Oh, little Aang, taking public transport means that sometimes I too wish I could control the wind.

You know what The Last Airbender reminds me a bit of? The 80s film, 'The Golden Child' (remember The Golden Child? With Eddie Murphy? He had to rescue a Tibetan child with special powers).

Having watched a clip, I also think it has a slight 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' feel to it. Thought it might have been the same director, but it's not. It's directed by M Night Shyamalan. His films are a bit hit-and-miss with me really, but I loved 'The Sixth Sense' though, so we'll see how his latest production pans out.

Still can't remember the last film I watched :-(