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Momma, Am a Rocking Girl Blogger!!!!!

Sundays are my new Fridays, I tell ya! First I read a lovely blog which really resonated with me, then I have me some sweet bread with soya butter (yum!), AND THEN I find out I've been honoured by a sista called Vanessa Byers with an award - not just ANY award, no, but a ROCKING GIRL BLOGGER AWARD - Oscars are sooooo yesterday. (I've never met Vanessa, but you know when sometimes you just 'feel' people?)

There's an Igbo saying: "Aka ekpe kwo aka nni, aka nni akwo aka ekpe" meaning "The left hand washes the right hand, the right hand washes the left" - so I'm gonna pay it forward & extend the honour to 5 other women whose blogs I admire the bras off of.

[the words in brackets are Igbo - 'ofu' means 1, 'ibuo' means 2 and so on...]

ofu) it goes without saying: Ms Straight No Chaser Vanessa Byers!

ibuo) Kristina Wong: Creative. Loopy. Sensitive.

ito) Kirsten Anderberg: Fearless Tongue.

ino) Kumiko: Not afraid to stand on her own.

ise) Bloggrrl: Funny. Sarcastic. Well written. Creative. Non-prescriptive.

isii) I know she said she shouldn't be added to the list, and I know I'm only allowed to recommend 5 women, but this woman initiated the whole Rocking Girl Blogger Award thingymejig, so she's gonna get one - she has no choice, yes, it's you Roberta Ferguson!

Pass the love-loaded appreciation on - if there are any female bloggers out there whose blogs you love reading, why not show it by giving them a Rocking Girl Blogger award? Let's get the mangoes rolling, people :-)


Chanya said...

Congrats on the award, it's well deserved! I found your site via Bloggrrl. I'll be visiting often.

Ebele said...

thanks Chanya! :-)

thanks for passing by.

Vanessa said...

My sister from another mother, thank you so much for that awesome shout out. I am so stoked by that Igbo lesson, you just know I'm gonna post about that, right?

Anyhoo, continue to be blessed and a blessing.


Ebele said...'re welcome, sis - very.

hugs across a distance...