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HairSpray!, HairSpray! - Go watch HairSpray!

OK, the new HairSpray film might not be everyone's cup of tea - why should it? - but I LOVED IT! It made me feel good to be voluptuous - I do a lot of the time, but it was just great to see a film that celebrated that - I'm tired of the production-line of beautiful fit dumb 'teenagers' running scared, then being bludgeoned to death in some shape or form.

HairSpray was refreshing, funny, and fun to watch. Some bits were REALLY tacky but I think that was intentional - 'cos it's set in the 1960's. I found the very well-fed lead actress cute & energetic & agile as hell. It took me a bit of getting used to seeing John Travolta play her voluptuous-looking big momma 'cos (s)he looked kinda WEIRD. But, the thing is, after a while, the character he was playing started to grow on me and it really didn't matter as the film went along - maybe it's something a great actor is able to do, I suppose - make you forget the actor & appreciate the character.

You know, if I could afford it, I'd take every teenager that's insecure about their weight to go see it - boy or girl. 'Cos if I can come out whooping & cheering, then surely it can't do them any harm. I was even high-pitching to some of their songs!

Loved it, loved it, loved it. Would go and see it again.

(p.s.: Queen Latifah represented! Definitely held her own, in my view. Well done, woman.)


Becky C. said...

I need to figure out what do do with my hair in these Arizona Monsoons. I have dealt with pure humid summer cays for many years-- But here the problem is it is really quite dry early in the day (though the locals think it is humid) and then there will be hours of humidity, thunberboomers, etc. and hair......wellyouknow....

I have finally decided to do nothing--since I kind of go for a natural look it is ok--but you know how limp straight hair gets when humid, but if I was to put structure in it beforehand I would look like I belonged in on the stage of the Grand Old Opry.


Ebele said...

would you consider cutting it short?

Vanessa said...

I want to see the new Hairspray but the first one was so good I can't imagine the remake being as good or better.

Ebele said...

I never watched the original - it'll be interesting to watch it. Ricki Lake's in the new one.