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What? Not All Nigerians are Scammers?

Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather - I tell you, I almost dropped my cup of tea. Had to sit down and take a breather – did my calm-me-down mantra like they taught me at last week's class.   Breathe. Breathe.

It didn't help.

Neither did the Bach flower remedy.

Not all of them are scammers, you say? How do you know that? Have you met them all?

Ha!, who told you there were more graduates per capita than scammers?, and that there are actually hardworking Nigerians out there making an honest living?, AND there are video diaries on youNube to prove it?

Whoever told you that ....was a scam artist.

You think their flag's green for nothing?

Scam artists, the lot of them.

Besides, we never covered any of that in our Diversity Training course. So, no. I will not treat every Nigerian on merit.

They're all the same.

Every bleeding one of them.

(Conversation secretly taped in a locker room near you - brought to you live & direct on the StereoHype Channel)

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