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My Body Wants Ice Cream...

img by: lafy4k

- serious craving for all things fish (tuna in sunflower oil, peppered fillets, etc.)

- found myself crying my eyes out to Donna Summer's 'She Works Hard For Her Money'.


- I'm going through a 'I've grown an extra sweet tooth in the past frikkin 24 hours' phase.

- Bought myself a pack of Thorntons chocolate yesterday. Yum!

- I want some ice cream NOW.

- Been having ice cream dreams for the past 4 hours. Can't think. Can't cone-centrate. Can't breathe. I'm choking. Help meeeeeeeeeeeee.

- How my keyboard isn't completely soaked with my 'mouth-wateredness' is beyond me.

- So that's it. Me and my swollen belly are going out to get some ice cream.

- Mmmm.... Bounty ice cream. Two packets. One for each twin. (I'm a Gemini).

Will she make it to the cornershop on time? Will she slip on a slug before she gets there? Will she make it back with her big Nigerian ass intact?

Find out on the next episode of IceCreamYouScream.


Mark said...

Nice blog you've got here. I'll be subscribing to your blog. I'll try to visit, comment and click whatever catches my interest. I wish others would do the same for my blogs.

More power to you and your blogs!

ebele said...

Thanks, Mark. That's really nice of you :-)

take care and have a cracking-good weekend!

nneoma said...

aww man, i thought I was the only one who has food dreams during my period (to the point where i wake up with drool hanging out of the side of my mouth)

ebele said...

You're not alone, my sista. It's an artform :-)