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Lullaby for a Lost Griot...

i do voodoo, so
dope beats cannot protect u
i'm comin for u

'cos your legacy breeds
boys with super-size hard-ons
unripe wombs with thongs

Now, when did it go from
'yo' momma is sooo fat'   to
'yo' momma is sooo slack'?

do you go down on your mother
with a tongue like that?

When did it go from
'she's 21'   to
'uh, but she looked 21'?

Sleep with one eye closed tonight, my friend
'cos I guarantee you
tomorrow, the future won't look so bright
with one eye missing

Now if you can boast openly
about what you wanna do to me
b/w the sheets,
then I can boast openly
about what I wanna do to your balls
(...but that's a whole different poem;
think I'll call it 'And Then There Was One')

It's not your fault, you say
it's the lingo, innit, we use it everyday,
well lingo this:
i do voodoo, so
dope beats cannot protect u,
got my cowrie beads in my left hand
the tail of a dead cow in my right
All I need is a picture of you
to make it complete
That shouldn't be so hard
I can grab one off my 8 year old niece

You better run
'cos with devil's chalk etched 'round my eyes
and gin in my mouth, I spit on you
Now quick, quick,
detach yourself from your latest 'bitch',
pull your trousers up
and run
Now who's the bitch now?, BITCH!?

Let me tell you this...

griot. misguided.
you are 50 times better
than you think you are

drink green tea. It will cleanse your tongue.
suspend ego. unmask truth.
it might seem like a long hard slog, my king
but I believe you can still create music organically...
    You are talented
    for I was there when She blessed you
    when We blessed you...

See?   I knew you wouldn't listen
blocked up by all the bling
the women
the millions

I.AM.SO.TIRED of loving you
defending you
being hurt by you

boys with super-size hard-ons?
unripe wombs with thongs? know I can't allow that

so, you are no longer my king
(oh, I'll mourn you for a while,
but I'll get over you)

a mouthful of gin, I spit on you

for you are a wolf in sheep's clothing

You are not Hip-Hop.

i do voodoo

i do voodoo

i do voodoo, so
dope beats cannot protect u
i'm comin for u...

© ebele ajogbe


Bloggrrl aka Michelle said...

Oooh I love that hook. Amazing. I love it. (And I usually hate anything that resembles poetry online--I'd rather hear it than read it.) This one though, I have the rhythm in my head.

Ebele said...

thanks, michelle...