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Me and the sun:
we know what it's like
to wake up
when the whole world's still sleeping
when your lover's still sleeping
in your arms

'cos the gods leant me
a spoonful of sugar
in the shape of the woman
laying beside me
Her sweet honeysuckle breath
caressing my face
each time she exhales

My queen sleeps...
but I know her spirit
is awake
and she can see me
watching her - intently

I can't help it
My soul plays jazz melodies
on her skin

and she wakes...

She wakes from her feline slumber
and we rise
and fall
and sing

Yes we rise
and fall
and sing

Inhibitions long lost
boundaries long surpassed
we rise and fall
and sing our bodies
with sweet violence...

© ebele.


Candy Fever said...

That is one stunning loving skin tingling peace. Damn. Love it Love it Love it.

ebele said...

Thanks, sugar!