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What ever Happened to Heavy D?

pic by: aymlis
Remember him? He was this big cuddly rapper - came out in the early **90s (or was it the 80s?), light-skinned, always wore dark glasses, knew how to mooove.

I don't know why but I just thought of him - one of his songs (the one he did with Al B Sure) was playing in my head:

I want somebody to love me for me

Can't remember the rest of the song. I think it starts:

I search low and I search high
trying to find me a cutie pie

Well...something like that.

Oh, I just remembered another bit:

They say when you wait, one never finds
they also say that love is blind
It ain't that blind that I can't see
somebody out there who's perfect for me
somebody who's gonna love me for me

Then Al B Sure sings: I know you want love

Heavy D replies: Love, that's what I'm talking about,
a relationship, a commitment, something to live for

Then Al B: Maybe we could take our time

Err, don't remember the rest.

Come to think if it: what happened to Al B Sure? He sang this wicked song - can't recall the title but the chorus went: I can tell you how I feel about you night and day....   Was a really nice song.


(**p.s: I ain't gonna apologise for my age - we all have to be born some time)


Morountodun said...

...times been wasted and times been spent. Now its time for the lover to score.....

Heavy D was a regular on the David E Kelley (of Ally Mcbeal fame) drama Boston Public, for a while in the early noughties don't know what he has done since then.

ebele said...

Hi morountodun

Yay!, thanks for that line! Most do my research - find out what happened to him.

Odabo....thanks for dropping by.

take care...

Kymbugs said...

I remember it went a bit like

I want somebody to love me for me... not because I'm MC Heavy D, I need a love that is solid as a rock"

I don't know... different rap?

ebele said...

Hi Kymbugs

I couldn't remember the 2nd line to the chorus, so thanks!

take care!