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Queen Bee...

img by: Little Li
The mechanical queen bee
Her beauty is striking
Her aura shimmers – cold, silvery blue

She makes her honey
from my complacency,
my fears,
my doubts,
my procrastination
Then she uses her sting,
harvested from my negativity
to test her potency on me

Her sting is red hot
a pain
too deep
for my body to understand


as I writhe
in a kaleidoscope of pain
I know that,
one day,
I will transcend
Be immune to her sting
and instead,
I will be the one
to use her honey
to sweeten my tea

I know that,
one day,
I will transcend
and move
from a circle of despair
to a perfect triangle
of mind, body and spirit


(I wrote this yrs ago when I was in a job I didn't like - the only way I could escape it at the time was thru poetry)


Doja said...

Finally I got here, it was a long road and the journey was interesting.

naijalines said...

Your poem has a poignancy for me, you can't imagine... I hope you'd permit me to use it on my blog -(as written by you). - One day when the time is right. For me it's very personal... the poem is so right! Thank you for sharing. Let me know if it's ok by you.

Patricia said...

I like the poem! I think it has the deep sense and shows optimism of the author!

ebele said...

Doja, Naijalines, Patricia - thank you for your comments. 'Preciated.

It was extremely liberating when I finally left the job. EXTREMELY. It wasn't a bad job, just that my spirit's got a really big butt that can't sit still. That WON'T sit still. Wings that flutter nervously at the mere whisper of the words '9-5' and 'office'.

Naijalines: It's ok with me if it's with you if it's ok with me :-) And it is!

Doja: don't you just hate long roads paved with gold? Give me a road paved with mango trees on one side, and ice-cream vans on the other, and I'm good to go!

Patricia: bless you, dear :-) Optimism? Maybe. A need for some kind of outlet to stem my sense of 'i-need-to-get-out-of-here'? Definitely.

take care, you 3 :-)

Morountodun said...

So how is the transcendence?

ebele said...

Let's just say: it's a work in progress. Definitely.