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That Weight Watchers Ad...

Is it just me or am I the only one that thinks the Weight Watchers ad(vert) is a bit of a piss take?


So there's this woman who's lost weight. They don't actually show her, but they show people who know her.

Cue the people who know her:

The beauty therapist says: Now that she's lost the weight, it takes half the time. (she means exfoliation)

Then a man with his wife says: As a man, I've noticed. Sorry. (he says to his wife)

The woman's husband says: The woman that I married is back. (his face happens to be built like a good idea gone really bad)

I'm not sure what message this is sending out. The ad wouldn't make me wanna join AT.ALL. If my beauty therapist said what that woman said, I wouldn't go back to her salon. And if my man said as a man, I've noticed, I'd grab a pick axe and say: notice this. I mean, how is the wife meant to feel about her hubby saying that? 'Sorry' doesn't cut it. A pick axe does.

And then finally, Weightloss Woman's husband's comment:

The woman that I married is back.

At least she can lose weight. What's your excuse for being ugly?

The message I was getting from that ad was:

- lose weight and people will treat you better
- lose weight and there's a chance your friend's husband will find you so attractive, he'll say it in front of his wife
- lose weight and hear what your beauty therapist REALLY thought about you when you were fat
- lose weight and your husband (who is still the ugly mug you married) will notice you. (because when you put on all that weight, your personality was abducted by aliens)

Thank you, Weight Watchers. Can't wait for your next ad. Oh goody.


naijalines said...

So so true, the madness of an image obsessed world. When will it all end?

ebele said...

It will end when we all learn to love ourselves for who we are (or who we aren't), when we decide that cheesecake ain't the enemy, when Hollywood Boulevard stops thinking that white teeth and gravity-defying tits are it, when we start to see different images of 'real' beauty in the media, when we can get up and smile at ourselves in the mirror, when it's perfectly ok for your bum to look big in that - beautifully so; when we get so sick and tired of being told we're not enough that we refuse to listen to that crap anymore. If you don't hear it, then it ceases to exist.

Easier said than done. But possible.

Thanks for passing thru, dear.

Nogo said...

ROFL - OMG I'm like laughing out loud like a crazy person... Loooooll xoxo

ebele said...

Hey nogo!

Weightwatchers need to come see me - I'll show them how it should be done for a fraction of the gazillions they spent on the ad.

Thanks for passing by. :-)

take care...