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Outside my window...

img by: orangeacid
I live on a main road - the windows are triple-glazed so once it's closed, you can't hear much.

I was taking a bath the other day (as I do every other day!, well, erm, most of the time) and the window was slightly open (no exhibitionism, my friend, just letting the steam out).

I heard a guy swearing at who I assumed is/was his girlfriend. He called her a 'fucking Christian cunt', kept on calling her a bitch, pulling her bra strap, pushing/touching her face but not quite slapping it.

I could tell he was hurting, but the anger, the abuse. There was no excuse (for it).

And she just stood there smiling.

I obviously didn't know these young individuals, their history, etc., but I wanted to say something to stop what was going on. What was the point of just observing, especially as they were right outside my window. I could hear everything.

But then I thought: if I said something, if I interfered, would that aggravate him even more?, would that get her into more trouble?

I wanted to say that what he was doing and saying was not on, that it's not ok, but what would happen if they moved the confrontation to a private place? Was it better they were having it in public where it was (potentially) safer?

I closed my window, hoping to God they'd both be ok.

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